Pre Two

The Pre Two is the successor to the Pre One featuring the a multitude of new features.

While designing the Pre Two we took all the feedback from the Pre One and purposedly shaped the unit to fill the gaps that our partners and customers had mentioned over the years. That means the Pre Two has a redefined volume control with 1db steps all the way from -79dB up to +13dB, along with a -6dB function in case a source has too high output.

Each channel is still fully balanced with new and upgraded gain modules that supports by-amping.

During the deisng process we tested numerous streaming solutions and found the Converse Digital to offer the easiest and best kit: supporting everything from MQA, Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Airplay etc. up to 192kHz 32-bit.

Click here for an in depth guide of the MCONNECT application.


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