Pre Two

Do you like jazz, blues, funk, percussions, modern pop, classic or progressive rock? Are you a fan of acoustic and/or electrical instruments, deep or high pitch voices?

Then look no further!

With its’ responsive and clean playback the Alluxity Pre Two manages to soothe your senses and place you among the audience in such a way that you can almost taste the atmosphere; whether it being the old jazz clubs from older recordings to recent live performances.

The vast sonic capabilities allows you to feel what the artists really tries to tell you. So sink back, close your eyes and let the music flow.



Streaming - Services, MQA, NAS

DAC - Built in

Volume control - 1db steps

Fully balanced


Pre Two - Now online
Pre Two is the latest product from Alluxity and features Streaming, DAC, sensitive relaybased volume control and is fully balanced.
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