Product of the Year Award 2013

“It is the first award we got from the amplifier category. After many years of searching for better quality amplifiers under our roof, this set satisfies many of our requests. ”

Kent Poon, Hong Kong ditributor

Media One

Media Server and control unit for rest of the Alluxity amps. Uses ReQuest software and have a build in DAC

Int One​

​Small fully balanced 200W class A/B integrated amplifier with a touch display for direct and remote control

Pre One

​Fully Balanced pre amplifier with 2 seperate transformers for each soundstage. Relaybased volume and discrete gain modules.

Power One

Fully Balanced power amplifier with 2 seperate transformers for each soundstage, and fully discrete power modules.


Phone: +4527636306


CVR: 32994164​


Dueoddevej 6C

7400 Herning


Audiohub - Alluxity + Joseph best sound for money at Munich
Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis Editor @ Part Time Audiophile Contributor @ Enjoy The Music Publisher @
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