New site is up and running

There's been done quite a lot of changes to better the design and make the website more user friendly. These are the overall changes that has been made:

  • Layout is completely changed and the Menu bar is incorperated into the banner.
  • The layout is designed to scale perfectly for phone and tablets.
  • Products has got a drop down menu to make it easier to find the the product you want.
  • On each product page there's a download box containing the manual and a specification sheet.
  • The News page got a simpler design.
  • Distributors has got color seperation between each country.
  • The Contact page is changed designwise.

In overall we're very happy with the new website and the CMS system behind it, and we hope you'll enjoy it as well. 


Phone: 27636306


CVR: 32994164​

Gjellerupbakken 32

7400 Herning


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