Media One + Int One introduced at Münich 2015

At the 2015 Münich show, Alluxity paired up with the japanese speaker brand called Parri Pasu and the room acoustic company called RW Acoustics.

At this show Alluxity introduced the new Media One and Int One to show how simple but well sounding a system can get.

The Media One contains a special made DAC and linear power supplies both for the DAC board and for the Motherboard. It have 2 TB internal storage and can both stream from a NAS but work as a NAS itself. The software is based on the ReQuest software with an add-on to control the other Alluxity units directly.

The Media One supports DSD256. All 4 rates of DSF and DFF. WAV, FLAC, OGG and MP4.

44.1KHz-384KHz and 16,24 and 32bit.

It features 4 types of digital inputs. S/PDIF, AES, Toslink and USB.

The Int One is based upon the same topology as the Pre and Power one and is capable of delivering 200W in 8ohm RMS. It features 5 different input (3 unbalanced and 2 balanced), and a pre-out for byamping. The chassis is a milled one-piece chassis with a powdercoat paint to ensure a highly scratch and break resistant surface.

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