History and Development


The Alluxity product line is a result of Alexander being raised in a musician and Audiophile environment and working for the high-end family business (Vitus Audio). Initially the musician part of Alexander was the dominating part, but as music experience grew – the interest in tweaking for optimal performance grew as well.

For the 5 years Alexander worked in the family business, he learned about electronic manufacturing, designing in SolidWorks, Altium Designer and combining it all.

As Alexander got older he wanted to go his own ways, which resulted in starting his own company (AVM-TEC) that focused mainly on Surface Mounted Technology. To keep up with increasing orders, an investment in SMT equipment was a must – this kept on for 2 years, making it possible for AVM-TEC to invest in creating the Alluxity products


A wide variety of tools has been used to design and sculpture the Alluxity products to how they look and sound today. Not only has there been focus on having some of the best software tools on the marked today, but reference equipment was, and still is, a main factor in the design and upgrading process.

The software and designing tools used are SolidWorks, Altium Designer, 3D Via Composer, NTI Audio Analyzer and Agilent equipment.

The reference products used was a variety of products spanning over old used personal equipment to borrowed equipment, some of the reference products are Magico, Focal, Estelon, Gauder, Accuphase, Ayon (top models), Gryphon, Stillpoints, Solid Steel and of cause the Vitus Audio products.​


Phone: +4527636306

E-mail: avm@avm-tec.dk

CVR: 32994164​


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